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About us

Whilst training and working as a translator I noticed that there were not many websites that were completely bilingual in Welsh and English.

I believe that people often assume that creating and and maintaining a bilingual website is much more complicated and will cost twice as much, and that might be true with some providers!

It’s important for me that the Welsh language is seen and used in all areas of everyday life in Wales; that’s why I started my small business eglur, to provide a website service that makes totally bilingal websites that are easy to use at a reasonable price.

I mostly work alone from home, drawing on the expertise of friends of mine in the design and publishing trade when needed. Every project has different needs, so I don’t just squeeze your information into a template I use for everyone!

Get in touch for a chat to see if I can help you with your website…


Do you need a website? A websites that’s easy on the eye, easy to use, and bilingual? Eglur can provide that website … and more!

All our websites are bilingual. We don’t offer a Welsh version at a discounted price, or as a special offer – our websites are bilingual, full stop!

If you require a website that allows you as the client to add content regularly, no problem! If you would like us to do that for you, read on…


Will your website need publications, reports or general information updated in Welsh and English? We can translate the work, integrate it with your website and proof read it online, all from one office. When new material needs to be added, email the work to us and it will be translated and go live on your website in the shortest time possible.

This offers substantial cost and time savings, ensures quality, and makes it possible for you to arrange the process in one phone call / email!


Individuals, businesses or organisations that have a website will often use posters, flyers, booklets or adverts to draw attention to their work or activities. Eglur can design and provide these materials, ensuring your brand is kept constant across all mediums, and integrate with your website.


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Y Stabal

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Each project is a one off for us, give us a call to discuss your needs or drop us an email. Our aim is to help you achieve the best possible result, in the most efficient way. That keeps everyone happy!